Fish & Game Board



The OTS Fish & Game Board is an interactive visual display installed at a recreational property point-of-entry to improve safety and privacy.  It is available to State Game, Fish, & Parks Departments and landowners, guides, outfitters, or property lessees.  Sportsmen who arrive at a site with the Fish & Game Board present remove color-coded magnets from the storage space and place them on the map at their intended location.  Other visitors to that site can then see how many people are present and where they are located.  This allows outdoors men & women to communicate with each other and maintain safety perimeters.

The Fish & Game Board (FGB) comes with the following standard features:
  •     30" X 30” high resolution map bonded to galvanized steel
  •     Clear vinyl laminate protective coating
  •     Portrait or landscape format
  •     Customized 6-color map legend
  •     30 color-coded magnetic activity markers

Optional FGB features include:
  •     Custom sizes available up to 36" x 48" 
  •     Pressure treated lumber frame (wall or ground mount)
  •     Water repellent Ondura roofing in eight (8) color options
  •     Motion activated solar spot light
  •     Delivery and installation services

The Fish & Game Board is just one of the effective communication products offered by Outdoor Tracker Systems designed to improve safety and privacy in the outdoors. Browse our web site for information on other field display products and our unique software programs.

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