MyPASS is a mypass-logo-orange-010114-clr.pngweb-based program which allows you to inform friends, family, and other outdoors men & women of your location afield for safety, privacy, and emergency response. Your MyPASS E-Alert options allow you to communicate automatically each time you activate a location via:

  • e-mail with family & friends (up to 3 addresses)
  • your Facebook page (plus other linked social media)
  • your Twitter feed (plus other linked social media)
  • shared pins on OTS public maps 

Each time you select/activate a location for use, MyPASS will send a brief messagewith the name of your location, GPS coordinates & date, thereby leaving a record behind in case of emergency. Use as many of the communication options as you choose. MyPASS also allows you to print maps of your favorite locations which can be inserted in a Porta-Board or Porta-Pouch. This lets you communicate your location to people outside of your alert circle for safety and privacy in the field. See how it all works below.